I’m serious people really need to hear these shows, we waste so much time listening and watching useless garbage and pointless negative information. This man has knowledge and understanding that’s valuable for how we live and exist as people. He gives the real details regarding our lives and how we should live, eat and the purpose we all have. Many people spend their whole lives trying to find their purpose or calling when this man explains it in his shows. I critique everything, and I listen to some of these shows and research myself. What he says shed, light on the darkened world we live in. The beauty of it all is that he is a humble man, who is led by God. I must say I’m truly inspired by your words because for so long I thought I was the only one who’s researched and understand the things you talk about. I will no longer be oppressed,depressed,possessed and consumed with the materials of the world. Thank you Will Rogers , I encourage you to continue your shows and I will support you. L.H. HAYES

Will has a way of explaining complex concepts so that any one and can understand and grasp their meaning.            K. R. WASHINGTON

I love the way The Most High Highest use you my brother – you break things and build them back up – I hear you – much love and respect – peace and blessings!                        MAMA PEARL

Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us. U are very much appreciated! Love, Light and Abundance! = )        TRACY G.

Masterteacher33 Continue to be a blessing. Your teachings are very insightful and powerful. Blessings to you in all that you do. Thanks again.                                                                                A. WATERS


2 Responses to Testimonials

  1. I am extremely blessed to have discovered Dr. Rogers on blogtalkradio.com. His teachings has opened up a whole new perspective on how I view myself and the world around me… I look forward to furthering my studies and growing into the true spiritual self that I long to be, Thanks Doc for “Making it do what it do”

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