Betzalel University endeavors to express, expose, and expand The Truth, by illuminating all aspects of the individual’s spiritual experience. If you have resonated with the information that you have received, and The Holy Spirit has so moved you to offer your support, then please by all means take this time to make a donation, that agrees with your spirit.

Thanks in advance for your support!
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12 Responses to DONATION

  1. Black Wing Falcon says:

    Peace be unto you beloved brother i have so much to say to you i really would not know where to began therefore the words i leave with you at this moment in time are manifest gratitude for every message i have ever hear from your words of wisdom as well as the masterful teachings i have yet to bear witness to in the eternal present we have so very much in common when it comes to a hunger and thirst for THE TRUTH that it seems often unreal that someone such as yourself actually really exist in this world of darkness and confusion today you mentioned if everyone listening to your show gave 1 dollar this could add up to 4000 dollars do to the amount of listeners you have i made my dollar donation immediately afterwards i have not gone to a church or any other religious house in many years like yourself i figured out a long time ago that this is a waist of valuable time and i have never really been one to give money to preachers who could never give a reasonable answers to simple questions that where asked of them as so called teachers of the gospel of the Christ i reside in the Los Angeles area it would be an honor to meet with you in person therefore if and when you visit the L A area i hope to hear from you a time and place where you are giving one of the teachings you are truly a master of feel free to contact me at anytime peace be with you beloved brother

    • Thank you my brother! In fact, I am planning a trip to San Diego and Los Angeles to do a seminar and book signing sometime this year. THANK YOU FOR YOUR DONATION! I will email you once I work out all the logistics.


  2. I listened to your last series Old Testament Gods and could like the transcipt or notes on all 7 parts. Please mail or email the notes. Thank You p.s. I just purchased this up coming series starting October 7th lf l am correct. You have my information from last time and l called you too.I like to hear what you say on the red blood moons and the pope addressing congress and possiable financial collapse, Jade Helm etc….EVERTYTHING!!! Again Thank you. I have been praying for you and your family. Happy Sukkot and jewish New Year.

  3. Jamie Lee Roche says:

    I want to purchase a book. Do you ship to Canada?

  4. Jamie Lee says:

    I am trying to purchase one of your books. I live in Canada. Please let me know if you ship to Canada. I tried to order on your site. However, it wouldn’t register my province. It is only giving me an option for states.

  5. Torries D Gunn says:

    Greetings brother 🙏 THANKS for the enlightenment, I missed the discount by 6 days I see but I would still like to have it done I’ve gotten my Astrological chart and Numerology charts what you’re speaking about 👀 to be my missing Book how 🤔 can we get to it. Again Thank you for sharing 🙏 the knowledge

  6. Joshua Jackson says:

    Good Evening Will! I would like to order the Diakonia report. I want to learn who I am and my purpose. I have all of my information but does it matter if I’m adopted? Thank you ahead of time 😄

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