G.O.D. KIND and/or G.O.D. CLASS = Next Level Consciousness = Private Esoteric Secret Teachings


1 on 1 Private GOD Lessons / Sessions

$999 Basic
$4999 Medium
$9999 Advanced

The true destiny IS NOT LEFT UP TO MAN KIND. The true destiny of mankind is left up to the GOD KIND.

The G.O.D. KIND Life Management System is only for high frequency light beings that overstand that we are Spiritual Super Computers here on this planned net to express expose and expand our consciousness and RECONNECT BACK WITH SOURCE.

Like a superconductor, WE CAN RE-PROGRAM OUR CELLS / SELVES BY;
Script – ing (writing)

Writing is preforming a RITE WHICH MAKES US FEEL RIGHT!

Through this and the E.A.G.L.E.S.S. CLUB; KINGDOM MILLIONAIRES TRAINING CENTER; LIFE MANAGEMENT CENTER AND THE PEOPLE DEVELOPMENT CENTER and all of my 5000 books, audio shows, webinars, seminars, etc. I offer, your power, self-worth, health, wisdom, great relationships; proper self identification, alignment with your G.O.D. given assignment, purpose, destiny and DIAKONIA OR ONENESS WITH SOURCE!

For only $999 you get one year of unlimited leadership, guidance and access to one of the greatest frequencies, waves and vibrations on the planet; YOURS TRULY, Dr. Will Rogers, Masterteacher33!


This is personal private purpose based product, profit and peace development! 1 on 1……. you and I! Click here to get started!