This was a hair standing up on my arms kind of show!!! Will Rogers is one of the best speakers and teachers I have ever learned from! He is a man who has found himself and I hope you all have found who you are. He creates a report about who you are with your Name and other info and it will blow your mind how accurate it is and helpful! He uses the Bible which is the Word of God and he is yoked to our God/Father.

Sister Ellen


dare to be you1

Thank you so much for inquiring about my 600 Destiny / Diakonia Report

Very few people OVERSTAND the value and importance of crystal clear purpose or vision.

Where purpose is NOT known, abuse is inevitable.

The Diakonia Report will give you clarity.

The 600 page report is $500 dollars.

Simply click here to make your payment www.masterteacher33.com/donation

The report takes approximately 2 weeks to complete. I will need;

Full name at birth
Nick name(s)
Date of Birth
Time of Birth
Place of Birth
Blood Type

God has predestined us. He knew us in our mothers womb. He has written his laws on our hearts and minds.

Therefore, are gift(s) are specific. The report is just like a GPS. It tells what city and state you are going to

end up in, BUT IT DOES NOT TELL YOU WHAT SPECIFIC ROAD(S) TO TAKE. You still have to figure out (choice, free will) which road to take!

Here is some information that may help you OVERSTAND.











Click here to make payment; www.masterteacher33.com/donation


Module One – Negative (Current) Habit Pattern –
30 Steps in 30 Days to Identify Your Current Habit Pattern

Module Two –  Life Sustaining Pattern
30 Steps in 30 Days to Identify Your Life Sustaining Pattern or Niche / Diakonia / Life Optimization Circle

Module Three – Behavior Modification / Kleronomics
30 Steps in 30 Days to Change/Modify Your Behavior

Module Four – Wealth Creation
30 Steps in 30 Days to Wealth Creation


Module Five – Health / Theocentric Nutrition
30 Steps in 30 Days to Theocentric Nutrition


Module Six – Wisdom / Spiritual P.O.W.E.R.
30 Steps in 30 Days to Spiritual P.O.W.E.R./Wisdom


Module Seven – Relationships
30 Steps in 30 Days to Toe Curling Relationships



AS A MASTERTEACHER33; most people don’t have a clue what a masterteacher33 is. We live in a world that is controlled or held together by waves, frequency, vibration, sound, harmonics that are expressed in MATH, MUSIC AND LANGUAGE…ie…FAITH, HOPE & LOVE………the 3 immutable laws of the universe.

These 3 laws or expression of GOD create YOUR DESTINY! I call this your Diakonia Report! Diakonia means service or ministry!

If you apply these scientific principles of language and mathematicsto analyze a person’s name, date of birth, time of birth and place of birthreveals certain GENETIC characteristics. All of the above LETTERS AND NUMBERS are instrumental increating the person you are—your mind, personality traits, ideals, desires, andambitions. I have done OVER ONE THOUSAND DIAKONIA OR DESTINY REPORTS. What Ihave discovered can’t explained in words!

GOD placed a book(s) inside of you call your DNA. This isyour DIAKONIA REPORT. You must order your report today! In your genes is thecodex or CODE. This code is a genetic code. INSIDE OF OUR DIAKONIA REPORT you will discover that theconditions of your life are a direct reflection of your thinking, which iscreated by your name. As much as your name determines who you are, your birthdate defines your innate purpose in life. It’s called your birth path—the routenature or GOD intends for you to take to cultivate your natural abilities andto develop your inner potential to the fullest.

You will discover what you weremeant to be, what to expect during the three phases of your life, and whatcareers you are ideally suited for, what environment or group you are morecomfortable in and what type of relationship(s) suit you best.

The Genetic Code is called your PURPOSE; destiny, mission,service or ministry. This is way you are here. This is your Diakonia Report.The genetic code is to specify the amino acid sequence of a protein by thesequence of nucleotides comprising the gene for that protein: a gene that codesfor the production of insulin that controls your actions.

Your Diakonia (genetic) Report (code) is the biochemicalinstructions that translate the genetic information present as a linearsequence of nucleotide triplets in messenger RNA into the correct linearsequence of amino acids for the synthesis of a particular peptide chain orprotein. This is called your CODON!

Your Genetic codon is the “thing” that turns your CODE ON!It is a sequence of three adjacent nucleotides on a strand of a nucleic acid(such as DNA) that constitutes the genetic code for a specific amino acid thatis to be added to a polypeptide chain during protein synthesis.

Some aminoacids are coded for by more than one codon, and some codons do not signal aparticular amino acid but rather signal a stop to protein synthesis. This codonis group of three bases on the DNA molecule. Each codon determines the identityof one amino acid in proteins made by the cell. ALL OF THIS IS DETERMINED BYYOUR NAME; DATE OF BIRTH; TIME OF BIRTH AND PLACE OF BIRTH!


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