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By Daniel David Osczepinski

Daniel David and Fam

How I got to be a Kingdom Millionaire…
(a written confession to my future friends and familiy from the past when it was all beginning)
Catching up to some classes in Will Rogers Kingdom Millionaire Maker Mentorship Program (check it out) I’m finally able to sit down n catch a few specific ones I’ve really wanted to dive into on structuring Systems…. Framework for Operations of moving parts…. and if you see me, I have a lot of moving parts, building teams, and limitless opportunity…. but I need to structure my systems precisely for efficiency, productivity, accountability etc….. n he just said something that cracked me the heck up… n then inspired the shit out of me…. because I know he meant it.
He said currently “I sell systems. Right now il selling 25 different systems, each system is 10 Grand. I can sell all 25 tonight. I actually have 144 systems, but I haven’t rolled them all out yet.”
The Hilarious and simultaneously impressive and humbling thing is…. he means it n is dead ass serious… and can and will do it, and there’s not a doubt in his mind. Those are the kind of people and minds you want around you… and to yield your current level of understanding to the higher thoughts and wisdom…. of Experience rather than speculation.
I’ve been this program since right before the year began. I’ve been in and out because I’m juggling so many things… but I made up my mind in the beginning of the year in one of the first classes to agree and believe that I AM ALREADY a millionaire. To take seriously, the pitch or prospect…. the idea of this program… to make Millionaires by making you realize you’re actual worth and value so you realize you already are a Millionaire because money is not paper… currency, is the flow of Limitless potential within you to channel towards any idea and belief… and if you decide to believe you are a Millionaire and Act As If…. the World will begin to transform in conformity with your will and sync up with that Thought form and Frequency.
Well I just have to tell you that I’ve been so busy making moves I haven’t even totally connected all the dots or really seen how it’s all aligning or really even been able to identify it all and give credit…. but damn.
The 2 acres I’ve been sitting on is not only flourishing but were building our first cabin which is beautiful and I made a single post about opening up an opportunity for families to partnering in an air bnb ecovillage of cabins… and we have a dozen people interested and offering to partner and build a cabin or treehouse. I’m in no rush n we’ll see how it goes… but I believe the whole thing could be popping by peak season jan1 2024.
I randomly had the idea months back to surprise a group of young Nicaraguan kids… and treat them to a weekend retreat on the island and dive into the limitless creativity of God within them…. and in just months… it has snowballed into a huge event with people coming from multiple nations, we’ve sold out the rooms at the retreat, others on the island are hearing about it through word of mouth and each day someone is hitting me up saying I heard about this event you’re doing, can I come be a part of it? We will have probably 60 people gathered together from all over talking about some powerful pivitol topics, and we will be enjoying 5 meals together paradise at the nicest place on ometepe island and for the most part we are footing the bill…. and we were able to because…..
I launched PRESALE of my new album Renaissance in a very unorthodox pioneering way crowdfunding and creating packages that only 100 people in the world could jump in on and we generated 5 figures in a couple months. I didn’t even have an album, I spoke it out and opened a portal of potential and as money came in I channeled it and weilded it as a wand. I took my family to the retreat which we had all to ourself, FOR A WEEK… we ate the finest foods and played on the beach ⛱️ and stayed in the flow, I set up a makeshift studio 🎙 in the conference hall and stayed up all night every night birthing a masterpiece.
That flow caught us up on bills, got my kids passports, and caught up our backpay for our visas, got us a fresh start. Then I imagined a few workshops and spontaneously back to back created Intentional Creation and Symbology 101 which both generated $1,000 then I blessed everyone after that goal, in for free….. that enabled me to kick ass and manifest WITH MY KIDS the trip of a lifetime to Costa Rica at 3 Amazing locations including a trip to the mall to literally party all day, stuff our faces, hit the arcade,and catch Avatar at the movie theater. These might sound like little things to you… but they are monumental to me…. because I was broke. Struggling to feed my wife n kids n pay the bills. I knew a lot of what I believe now, and I would always manifest in bursts. But I didn’t have a lot of fellowship with strong consistent manifestors… encouragers…. mentors.
I go to sign this weekend for 20 acres of land on the Volcano that I can see all these plans unfolding and a lot of you getting to be a part. The other day I saw an infinity pool overlooking the epic views of the lake… all things are possible to He who believes. This is not about money, it’s about actually knowing your worth, value, potential, and capacity…. your Ability…. you are Able…. Ab-Will the Will of the Father… like He-Man use to say…. “I’ve got the Power”.
Two days ago out of the blue, the agreement I made in January…. dropped down from my intellect into my heart and I realized…. holy shit…. “im going to be a millionaire”…. im really going to actually be, a millionaire…. and not that far out in the future. I like Will have many many irons in the fire, I’ve attracted the right people around me to build solid teams, I’m building the systems, I’m expanding my mind in areas of partnerships and corporate investments, I’m researching and learning new stuff every day like AI that can 10x my productivity. … and it’s just inevitable… that what I signed up for and agreed, and believe… comes… if I stay the course and be consistent… its just like whoa, no grid.
I AM a Kingdom Millionaire because it starts in the mind n I’m on my grind.
Proud to be a shining star 🌟 n pupil of Master Teacher 33 Will Rogers, Holler at him n jump in the course, thank me later.



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