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All people have history, forefathers, culture and homelands that they can talk about, read about, visit and take pride in; EXCEPT BLACK PEOPLE. Most black people, MYSELF INCLUDED, have no ideal of there history.

Most Black Americans have lost their identity and heritage due in large part to The Slave Trade. The Slave Trade was unlike any other time before or after, because there were many nations involved in the buying and selling of ONE people all over the world. Because of The Slave Trade, most Black Americas are clueless to their original ancestry.

However, The Bible has a lot to say about the global enslavement of Israel. The curse of global enslavement  and many other curses were put upon Israel because of her refusal to obey the commandments of the Most High. The result of disobedience by our forefathers are THESE curses, that help to identify who the descendants of the ancient Israelites are today.

There is an old saying that states;

“If you don’t know where you came from, then you won’t know where you are going.


Throughout our history, many of us, who are of the slaves descendants, have blamed our captors and our oppressors,  for the terrible conditions facing Black America today…..WE ARE WRONG!!!!!!

It’s time for Black America to WAKE UP and realize that YAHWEH, The Most High God has put a curse on Black Americans or Israel because of our forefathers’ disobedience. This is ONE of many problems facing Black Americans today!! LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN, THIS IS ONE OF ROOT CAUSES FACING BLACK AMERICA TODAY.

You may say, “Black people aren’t cursed!” or Black Americans don’t have any problems! 

Really? Let’s take a look shall we:

  • What race of people in America have NO economic infrastructure?
  • What race of people in America live in crime-ridden projects, or the worst neighborhoods?
  • What race of people in America have the highest rate of unwed mothers?
  • What race of people in America have the highest mortality rate?
  • What race of people in America statistically suffer the most from virtually any sickness or diseases?
  • What race of people in America are a minority on the outside, but are a majority inside the prisons?
  • What race of people in America have the highest unemployment rate?
  • What race of people in America have the highest consumer rate and lowest production rate?
  • What race of people in America have the least amount of self-owned businesses in their communities?
  • What race of people in America are TOTALLY dependent on another race of people for religious, educational, economical, political, social, mental, physical, and nutritional support?
  • What race of people in America have to have laws set aside just to put them on equal standings with everyone else?

 It’s time for Black America to WAKE UP, overcome our religious, educational, economical, political, personal, social, cultural, physical, mental, spiritual, intellectual, and technological incompetence!!


3 Responses to wakeupblackamerica

  1. Kailee says:

    So that’s the case? Quite a relevation that is.

  2. African American Homeland Association
    The key to Political, Economic and Government Power is control of State Institutions.
    I claim North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee the African American Homeland.. To Acquire these 8 Southern State Institutions, I suggest we make a modern day mass migration back to the 8 Southern States.
    36 million Black Americans flooding into the eight states would create disorder, causing 75% of the white population to flee those 8 States. We will have 80% majority of the population. Then we will vote in 8 Black Governors, 16 Black Senators, 66 Black Congressmen, 688 Counties are under Black control, 3,299 incorporated cities and town will mostly have Black Mayors, We will have control of the State Court and local court Systems, most of the judges are Black, the Prosecutors are Black. Duke Energy, Georgia Power, The Southern Company, Tennessee Valley Authority, Louisiana Power, Arkansas Power are all Black owned. Regional Fix line Company Black owned, regional Cell phone Company Black owned control 80% of the market, and so on. For More Information goto http://www.africanamericanhomeland.com

  3. David says:

    Why blame God unless He/She is schizophrenic? If your reference for the mind and history of God’s relationship to man is the biblical text, then anyone who is convinced of that lie is the proverbial “fish while the bible is the worm with the hidden hook.” The history of man was already 2/3 completed before the “European” ever appeared but to “kill, steal and destroy.” Sure, African people throughout the diaspora were conquered and scattered. The miracle is that any of us are still here! For there are numerous groups who are completely extinct through the efforts of the destroyer. On the contrary the seed of rebirth and redemption for the African is well under way because of the work of messengers like Dr. Ben, John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Amos Wilson, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Dr. Claude Anderson, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Anthony Browder, Dr. Ray Hagins and many many others. The 500 year closet of African suffering and defeat is nearly complete. Your testimony of your origins is proof. I truly appreciate your work! 1 love 👊🏽

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