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What is Metaphysical Marketing?

The success or failure of your marketing depends on your inner state of mind! A DOUBLE MINDED MAN WILL not RECIEVE ANYTHING! Two heads cannot lead a marketing campaign. Meta means beyond, higher or before. Physical means that which is material. Marketing means creating a demand for your product, service or information. THEREFORE; Meta Physical Marketing means using invisible means to product visible things. LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN….Metaphysical Marketing is what you do BEFORE. Metahphysical Marketing is the hidden data, keywords and information in your words, speech, sign, website, advertisment that is crucial to attracting or drawing people to you WITHOUT THEM KNOWING IT! Metaphysical Marketing is a way to go deeper and market to a person spirit (mind set). Metaphysical Marketing taps into how a person FEELS! It is a holistic approach that combines science, psychology, universal spirirtual law(s), Kingdom principles and spiritual principles with solid traditional marketing practices to help you create wealth, health, wisdom, abundance and prosperity in your business. In this messsage I will reveal, explain, illuminate and simplify why people ARE NOT….I REPEAT OR NOT INTERESTED IN WHAT YOU ARE SELLING….THAT ARE ONLY INTERESTED HOW WHAT YOU ARE SELLING WILL MAKE THEM FEEL!!!!!!! How is your product, service or information going to benefit me? That is the only question that MUST be metaphysically answered. I will work with you to HELP you so that which may be unseen and unknown to you; BUT IS AFFECTING your business, becomes SEEN and KNOWN to you! REPLACE ERROR WITH TRUTH! Then, we will work with on seen or the obvious stuff, like web sites, signs, ads, etc…..

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