Join The Movement


The movement is like-minded people with the same goals, who come together to bring about a positive change in their community. We will endeavor to achieve a renewal of spirit by engaging ourselves in The Teachings of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ with a New Perspective.
This New Perspective will not only engage us in transforming our thought patterns, but it will usher us into a more fruitful experience in our walk with The Lord, by sparking the new man with the Unction of The Holy Spirit. We will challenge ourselves to suppress the urges of the old man, by replacing our old habits with a new agenda; one based on biblical principles and a sound understanding of what Jesus Christ wants us, His Family to observe and do.
Once we have established a firm foundation on the general principles, we will embark on the Journey of Our True Destiny, to meet the Lord, with purity of heart and a contrite spirit, knowing that our race has been run with dilligence, through the leading of The Holy Spirit.
Join us in The Journey Of A Lifetime!!!

1 Response to Join The Movement

  1. eckamya says:

    I must be ready…God has spoken and I am listening…Thanks for submitting yourself to be used by God.

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