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Chapter 1 – What is Coaching-13
Chapter 2 – How Does Coaching Work-20
Chapter 3 – 1st Principle – Diakonia / Destiny-26
Chapter 4 – 2nd Principle – The Standard-32
Chapter 5 – 3rd Principle – Faith Talk, DNA Activation-35
Chapter 6 – 4th Principle – Specialized Knowledge,Niche-39
Chapter 7 – 5th Principle – Imagination, Focus, Clarity-42
Chapter 8 – 6th Principle – Organized Purpose-46
Chapter 9 – 7th Principle – Diligent-51
Chapter 10 – 8th Principle – Never Quit, Photon Physics-55
Chapter 11 – 9th Principle – Mind Power, Resonance-59
Chapter 12 – 10th Principle – Transformation/mutation-61
Chapter 13 – 11th Principle – Biology of The Temple-69
Chapter 14 -12th Principle – Spirit-Brain Connection-72
Chapter 15 – Theocentric Nutrition-75
Chapter 16 – Coaching Questionaire-80
Chapter 17 – Policies, Procedures, Payment-84
Chapter 18 – Relationship Agreement-89
Chapter 19 – Master Mind Group-92
Chapter 20 – Program Facilitator-96


Includes PDF book and 8 hours of audio for only $19.95

I am here to do the will of my father. As a 33/6, it is my diakonia or destiny to bring evolution or spiritual elevation (Christ Consciousness); peace of mind (Kleronomics); healing (Theocentric Nutrition) and establish the family / community / heaven on earth (Loverage / Relationships) through communication (didactic) teaching!

I am establishing the family of God or HEAVEN ON EARTH or The Morning Star Administration NOT the fallen star demonstration!

Please join the E.A.G.L.E.S.S. (Eagerly Advancing Godly Living & Economics Spiritually and Scientifically) UNIVERSITY today @ masterteacher33.com@gmail.com. We are a world wide spiritual family promoting wealth, health, spiritual wisdom and Godly relationships via THE LOVE OF THE CHRIST!

Dr. Will Rogers, Masterteacher33 & E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University & C.C.M.A. Facilitator
Deatra Jones-Rogers, MasterBuilder22 & E.A.G.L.E.S.S. Co-Facilitator
Dana Polk Jr- Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Master Executive; Chief Executive Officer and Licensed Kleronomics Facilitator
Zachary Paul Haskell; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. Facilitator; Family & Relationship Specialist and Licensed Christ Consciousness Spiritualologist and Spiritual Therapeutics Instructor
Román Munoz; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Marketing Specialist; Spiritual Evangelist; Licensed Spiritual Therapeutics Expert & Health Consultant
Tammi Smith; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Facilitator; E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Administrator; Chief Operations Officer and Licensed Organizational Specialist
Cj McElya; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Theocentric Nutritional Expert & Spiritual Therapeutics Specialist & Motivational Consultant
Asia Stanford; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Relationship Counselor & Female Empowerment Expert & E.A.G.L.E.S.S University Certified Didactic Teacher
Saedah Salhia; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Intellectual Caring Consultant; Senior Spiritual Development Specialist and Mental Dynamics Expert
Artis Manley; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Spiritual Creative Artist & Design Specialist and Production Manager
Jasper Green; Licensed E.A.G.L.E.S.S. University Wealth Development Specialist & Certified Spiritual Executive

CHRIST (messianic office, anointing, purpose or position)
CONSCIOUSNESS (perception, awareness, disposition)
METAPHYSICAL (first cause,spirit,meta-before/physics-physical)
ASSEMBLY (group of people who gather together)



Definitely a must listen. My bro Will Will Rogers been bringing powerful advanced Spiritual teachings for years! The deep part about this particular teaching is he prepared my wife and my ‘Purpose Report’ or Diakonia Report and mentions what we go through Spiritually. It is not easy when you have no knowledge and can’t handle the spiritual energies that flow. Learned quite a lot from this man and deeply appreciate all that he has done for me and my family.

Zachary Haskell

Always blessed by the Best ,the only One that can bless me through the stress,trials &tribulations,the bible says count it all joy when I face various trials,I wanted to ask my friends&family including strangers, yes we all know these are the end of days no doubt,but what I’m asking if anyone is into the word & truth ,I encourage you to please listen to this guy by the name of Will Rogers,when I say he’s talking about stuff I never ever heard of I’m 41years old all the years I went to church,read the bible,not once have I ever heard a preacher/pastor etc talk about the issues he speaks about, I never knew there were other bibles like the book of creations,main purpose I read the book is because it speaks about as soon as the child is born ,the angel strikes it on the upper lip,causing the infant to forget all he has learned, or even the book of enoch is an amazing book as well, again I’m asking friends/family strangers to listen to him on blogtalk radio or youtube or here on facebook! he explains ,expose,illuminate&simplify the word of the Most High & he’ll tell you in a heartbeat don’t believe a word he’s saying do your own research & I’ll be ,what he says be the truth his words are one must study show themselves approved to the Most High not unto men! I’ve been listening to his shows on a regular basis since I ran across his show for a full year today!I just have to give him this shout out Brother Will keep doing what you do! again I hope that my friends/family really just one of his shows you’ll be first confused until he break it down when I say he breaks it down you’ll no longer be confused& believe me when I say you’ll be hooked researching & it’s there oh like he said if you wanna blow your cookies listen to his shows, too many of them to name & every last one of them are amazing.

T. Younger


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27 Responses to Home – Dr. Will Rogers, Masterteacher33

  1. angela says:

    Hello Sir, in calculating my expression number the numbers 11 and 22 came up. I’m a bit confused as to where these numbers has to show up to be considered that master # or how its determined if one being a master number. I’m sure you’re very busy but if you could find a minute or 2 to clarify this or helpe understand a bit better I will greatly appreciate you. Thank you so much in advance. Angela

    • The main or primary number is your life path number which is your date of birth. For example; if you are born
      04-13-1974 or 4+4+(21)3=11. So, if you are born on April 13, 1974 you are a True Master Number 11. Now, you
      can get master numbers from adding up the letters from your birth name to get your expression number OR by adding
      the vowels of your name to get your soul urge number OR by adding up the consonants in your name to get your
      personality number………..any of these numbers “could” be considered a master number as well.

      Hope that helps……….


  2. HappyforLyfe says:

    Hello, I was hoping to connect with you after seeing your facebook page about how blood type determines your preexistence? I am curious to know what it means concerning my spirituality?

  3. angela says:

    Hello Mr. Rogers,
    Do you have any teachings on exorcizing evil spirits?

  4. carol says:

    where do evil spirits go after they are exorcized?

    • NO WHERE……they are imprisoned on this dimension. They just go looking
      for another host. Most of the time, they wait 30 days or so and come right
      back to the original host.

      Dr. Will Rogers, MT33

  5. Aimee says:

    I just read you whole thesis on rh neg people. I’ve read so very many i liked yours. I’m rh neg neg o blood. I am half black half white. My grandmother came from spain. She passed on march 1st. She was 98 years old. I have lupus so very bad Drs insist i should b dead yet most of the time i feel great. I have it so strong the Drs. In Pittsburgh put almost a gallon if my blood on file for twenty years. Again i feel great! Im a weird chick. Im isolated and can do just about any trade.just thought i were interesting. Would like to know what all this means thats all.

  6. angie says:

    Hi, are you on Facebook? If so how can I find you?

  7. Tracy Carson says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and I must say it has blown my cookies on just half of the things you talk about. But my question to you today is about the significance of ones name mines for instance. I listen to your audio on mass or matter.

  8. Shekhina says:

    Greeting Will, I have listened to your vids close to one year and have also witnessed your growth and I’ve experienced a lot of the same things and I am still in spiritual warfare trying to stay balanced in the truth the almighty has shown me because I don’t assemble. I stand for truth without compromise which often leaves me alone and never understood. The love I have for souls is real but being rejected because of the levels of understanding I’ve learned . There is not many around me who really want to vibrate in love. You have told the people nothing but the TRUTH! Similar research I’ve done shows me that but the experiences being around witches and warlocks is what carries the meat. My name is divinely inspired by the Creator and I need to connect with like souls who know.

  9. Annie says:

    I don’t know where to began. Im o positive rh neg factor. I’m very gifted to the point where people have tried to hurt me. I see too much. I listen to your y tube video, and found out I was a falling one. My parents are both black. I want to get with you for counciltation. Queen Elizabeth and I have the same birthday. E-mail @rachell042159@gmail.com.

  10. Terrell says:

    I was looking into getting my diakonia report and I was wondering what information I would have to give before ordering

  11. I been listening to your series Christ in you and l like to purchase the workbook that you are reading from. I like the title and price please. Thank you. Thea2Jenkins@ yahoo.com

  12. Artis Manley says:

    Meeting Bro Will is the Father in Spirit’s working arms and hands. Everything you want to research about in the Spirit of Yeshua is right here in the hearts and minds of His People. And Brother Will is one of His people. Study to know His Son…….

    Bro Artis M.

  13. Jim smith says:

    I am watchin, yor, book of Noah. On youtube’s. Thumbs up

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